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TWCA Risk Management Fund

TWCA has a risk pool for its members called the TWCA Risk Management Fund. Fund members must also be TWCA members. The Fund is a member-owned organization; if members pay more than is needed for claims and expenses, excess funds are used to reduce future contributions or expand services. It is governed by a board of trustees comprised of executives from participating member districts and authorities. In addition to providing insurance coverage, the Fund offers trainings and educational events for its members. 

Coverages provided through the Fund include: workers' compensation, public officials errors and omissions liability, expanded legal defense for public officials, automobile liability, general liability, dam failure liability, property, automobile physical damage, crime, legal defense for breach of contract allegations, and ancillary coverages placed outside the Fund.

The Fund also presents annual safety awards to its members. Safety awards are announced during TWCA's Fall Conference.

  Fund safety award winners in 2019.

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