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Surface Water Committee

Chairs: Lyn Clancy and Walt Sears
The TWCA Surface Water Committee works to build consensus on complex state surface water issues. It is intended to proactively develop and support consensus-based statutory solutions at the Texas Legislature (though occasionally we do address state rulemaking initiatives). The committee does not generally take defensive positions, tackle federal matters, or pursue theoretical water discussions that are more appropriately addressed by the TWCA Board of Directors, joint/broader committees, or TWCA’s policy documents. Also, in the interest of the committee members’ time and resources, the chairs try to determine whether issues are ripe for consensus at TWCA before forming subcommittees each interim.

With all of the water-related agencies up for Sunset, the agency Sunset bills will make for a big water session during the 88th Legislature. The committees and the TWCA Board will actively monitor recommendations from Sunset and interim charges this Spring and can consider additional subcommittees or other means to respond to emerging issues. In addition, the committee has established four subcommittees this interim:

  1. TCEQ authority to curtail water rights in a drought (TCEQ SER Issue 2) 
  2. Implementation of S.B. 3 (87th Legislature) related to water reliability during a power outage 
  3. WAM updates
  4. Aligning state water and flood planning processes

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