Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the COVID-19 policies?
You can see a link to our preliminary policies and attendee waiver here. We are working with the hotel and plan to set formal policies once the event nears so they can be reflective of the conditions at the time. Please contact us with any questions.

Will there be an online or hybrid element to the conference?
No. With a limited staff of five, TWCA cannot run an in-person and online event simultaneously. We do hope to record our speaker sessions and make those available to members who did not attend the conference at a reduced price.

Why can’t we cancel hotel rooms?
TWCA “reserves” rooms via contract every time it plans a conference. Typically, we have no trouble meeting our contractual obligations related to room reservations, though you may be surprised that we usually don’t use all the rooms that are allocated to us. That’s because TWCA members often book extra rooms and then cancel them before the event. This is why we have such a complicated waitlist process, because if too many people cancel rooms just before the event, we will not meet our contractual obligations and be financially liable to the hotel for the attrition, or lost revenue. In the case of this first in-person event since COVID-19, the hotel gave us an opportunity to release hotel rooms from the contract by April 15th. Because our block was already full and we had a waiting list, we did not give back any rooms and are contractually obligated to fill them. And because the thread of attrition is higher with this event, we wanted to be clear up front that all participants should treat any hotel reservation in the TWCA block as non-cancellable.

What can I do if I have a hotel room but can no longer attend?
Reach out to Lisa Henley with the reservation number, dates, and name. She will let you know if she can find someone to take it over for you. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL YOUR HOTEL RESERVATION.

I’m on the waitlist. When will I hear if I get a room?
We often don’t get available rooms until the week before the event, as that is when most people finalize plans. We will usually cut off the waitlist the Monday of the event, depending on need and expected availability.

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