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10 Tips for a Successful Video Conference

April 08, 2020 10:33 AM | Adeline Fox (Administrator)

1. Be on time – or early if the technology is new to you. This rule applies to any meeting. But with video conferences, being prepared to start the discussion at the designated time means already knowing how to use the features of the video conference platform (like finding the mute button!).

2. Designate a host and test your technology. Manage your meeting by making sure your host is familiar with the technology platform (for example: understanding how to mute those who will not mute themselves or kick out an inappropriate attendee). If you are running a big or important meeting for the first time, test your technology and work out the kinks.

3. Use an agenda. Another basic meeting management tip applies to videoconferences as well - prioritize your most important items and follow an agenda so everyone can keep up with the discussion.

4. Mute your phone unless you are speaking to eliminate background noise.

5. Be courteous to others. Try to avoid talking over someone or having side conversations.

6. Speak loud and clear for all to hear.

7. Adjust your visual. Find a neutral background with enough warm light to see your face. Set the camera or laptop an appropriate distance from your face, typically showing your head and shoulders.

8. Make materials available. Send presentations ahead of time or if you’re presenting by sharing your screen, make sure your presentation is open and ready to share.

9. Stay professional. Conduct yourself as you would during an in-person meeting. Dress appropriately, don’t slouch in your chair, and cut out background distractions as much as possible.

10. Scared of being “zoom-bombed?” Add a password to your videoconference to keep outsiders from accidentally joining your call.

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