TWCA Stakeholder Committees

The TWCA Board of Directors routinely convenes stakeholder committees to discuss water policy and attempt to reach consensus on complex water challenges facing the state. Currently, TWCA has two active stakeholder committees: 

Groundwater Committee

The TWCA Groundwater Committee includes more than 100 TWCA members with diverse backgrounds and interests in Texas groundwater. The committee usually begins meeting in the summer of even-numbered years to develop and discuss policy proposals on pressing groundwater issues.  

Flood Response Committee

At the 2018 Annual Convention, the TWCA Board of Directors authorized President Mike Booth to create a Flood Response Committee for the purpose of providing a central place for discussing potential education and policy responses to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and other flood events. Members of the committee represent river authorities, municipalities, regional water districts, drainage districts, and firms related to engineering, law, communications, and consulting. At this point, the committee is working to develop educational materials about the roles and responsibilities of these entities, the purpose of reservoirs, different flood mitigation strategies, and flood-related liability.