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TWCA routinely works with legislators and agency staff to promote sound water policy in Texas. Our goal is to act as a resource and to help facilitate complex solutions among stakeholders. We actively track legislation related to surface water, groundwater, government entities and water districts, open records and open meetings, and other relevant subjects that are of interest to our members. In some cases, TWCA initiates legislative proposals through various stakeholder committees at the Association.

Legislative News Service

The 87th Legislature looks to be unlike any other session and bill prefiling is just around the cornerIn a COVID-dominated session, stakeholders will face uncertain access and protocols for interacting with members of the Legislature and even entering the Capitol. 


TWCA's Legislative News Service is the premier source for water policy and legislative newsYou’ll benefit from our water policy expertise and the breadth of our policy coverage to stay ahead of the legislation that impacts your organization and operations.  


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Key dates to keep in mind: 

    • Nov 9 - Bill prefiling begins 
    • January 12 – 87th Legislature convenes  

TWCA and the 86th Legislature:

  • TWCA 86th Session Wrap-Up, published in the Texas Water Journal
  • View a list of high priority bills tracked by TWCA during the 86th Legislative Session that are now effective: High Priority Bills Passed
  • View a list of all bills tracked by TWCA during the 86th Legislative Session that are now effective: All Tracked Bills Passed
  • TWCA-Initiated Efforts during the 86th:
    • The TWCA Flood Response Committee reached consensus on an informational paper about flooding in Texas that was approved by the TWCA Board of Directors, available here. The committee also supports TWDB's Flood Technical Package exceptional items request of its LAR. The TWCA Flood Response Subcommittee has developed a document outlining its principles on flood-related legislation, available here. These principles are consistent with the flood package (SB 7 and 8, HJR 4, and HB 26) that passed this session.
    • The TWCA Groundwater Committee reached consensus on six proposals that have been approved by the TWCA Board of Directors:
      • Brackish Groundwater: The committee proposed an amended version of HB 2377 (Larson, 85th Legislature).  This bill passed as HB 722 (Larson/Perry).
      • Export: The committee proposed an amended version of HB 2378 (Larson/Perry, 85th Legislature).  This bill passed as HB 1066 (Ashby/Perry).
      • Abandoned Wells: The committee proposed an amended version of HB 3025 (Tracy O. King, 85th Legislature).  
      • Water Conservation: The committee proposed new legislation on groundwater conservation districts funding water conservation education.  
      • SB 1392: The committee proposed an amended version of SB 1392 (Perry, 85th Legislature). 
      • Groundwater Funding Package: The committee supports TWDB's Groundwater Funding Package exceptional items request of its LAR for funding for groundwater availability modeling and the Brackish Resources Aquifer Characterization System. These efforts were funded. 
    • The TWCA Surface Water Committee continued to support funding for updating Water Availability Models at TCEQ. This effort was funded and passed as HB 723 (Larson/Perry).